Why Host with Paraclete?

by | Apr 21, 2022

If you’re like us, when we need help we want to talk to a real person, someone who takes the time to listen and will do their best to solve the problem.

At Paraclete Multimedia we assist our hosted clients with any problems or needs that may arise, no matter the time of day or week.

There are so many website hosts out there, and it can be really hard to choose the right one. There are hosts that offer very low prices, but in the end, these lower costs means less support. Paraclete would like to take this concern off your hands, and host your website for you. We want to be the person you call when you need help with your site!

Hosting is all about reliability. You want to know that your website will be available to your customers all the time. And if it suddenly disappears, you want to know that you can get it back. When this happens you call us, we take care of the rest.

We use WP Engine (wpengine.com) as our hosting platform because it is safe, reliable, and specifically built for WordPress. WP Engine performs daily backups of your site, so if you are making edits, and something goes wrong, just give us a call and we can easily revert the site.

Hosting through Paraclete ensures someone being on the other end of the phone when a problem arises. When you are with us, the frustration finding contact info, waiting in chat queues, and wading through automated phone support redirects is not an issue!

Contact us for more info! We look forward to working with you on your next project.